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Diligence, LLC is not a law firm. We are a team of exceptionally-experienced attorneys and former FBI special agents who have conducted countless domestic and international investigations and hearings involving the most sensitive matters of the highest security for military, government and corporate business entities. When transparency, due diligence, and time are of the essence, talk to us.

We live in a time of unprecedented accountability and exposure to risk. Corporate and university leaders must ensure constant vigilance over the conduct of their organizations. We are here for you. Our team of highly-trained investigators provides the answers. We help ensure integrity and transparency by providing real-time, highly-reliable information to leadership and their counsel. Whether you need to establish the credentials of your newest, high-profile hire or you have questions about gender-related behavior, statutory/regulatory compliance, or the morale in your workplace, talk to us.




Colleges and universities face unprecedented challenges which demand fact-based solutions. Whether your need for knowledge relates to claims of harassment or discrimination under Title IX or questions of NCAA or other regulatory compliance, the professionals of Diligence, LLC possess the training and experience to meet your needs. We provide unique adjudicatory and investigation services to your school. Several of our key members have decades of experience as major university general counsel, and every member of Diligence, LLC has received the most current Title IX training.



Challenges to your business require you to take prompt action to establish transparency and help guard against personal and corporate liability. Our highly-trained team of former FBI special agents, assisted by former United States attorneys and former corporate counsel, provides the most thorough vetting and fact-finding services in America. Diligence, LLC helps you address your regulatory compliance concerns, adherence to fiduciary duties, or issues of internal morale. Our team is trained to ask the right questions from the right sources and to report to you or your counsel expediently.



The business of sports is hard. Diligence, LLC offers specialized investigatory experience in collegiate and professional athletics to help you navigate the complex interaction between the law, media and countless stakeholders. Our vetting services are without parallel. Our century of combined investigative experience includes domestic, national, and international surveys, reviews, and investigations involving personnel matters of the highest security and sensitivity.


Regardless of your organizational type, your stakeholders can benefit from training and enhanced expertise. Whether your audience needs in-person or on-demand, digital training, Diligence, LLC can partner with you to analyze your need for learning courses which close your knowledge, skills, and/or attitude gaps.


Please take a moment to visit our digital training partner, Bright iEd, who offers best-in-class instructional design consulting and development of eLearning, learning games, educational videos, and more.

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Diligence, LLC is a South Carolina corporation in good standing.