Richard A. Rasmussen

Richard A. Rasmussen

During his distinguished twenty-two year tenure as both a Supervisory Special Agent and Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Rick established himself as a highly-effective law enforcement professional with a national reputation for excellence.  From 1986 to 2008, Rick participated in thousands of successful criminal investigations as both a field agent and in a variety of leadership roles. As a Supervisory Special Agent of the Bureau’s violent crimes/major offender squad, he designed and initiated the first Violent Crimes Task Force, consisting of agents and officers from six different agencies.  His example became the model throughout the country. As a result of his innovation and leadership, there are more than 200 such programs in service today.

During his law-enforcement service to the nation, Rick investigated and supervised 10 major kidnappings and numerous drug, gang, robbery, fugitive, extortion, and other violent and property crime cases. He conducted multiple internal affairs investigations for the Bureau and also worked undercover, periodically, for nearly 9 years.

Perhaps most noteworthy, was Rick’s leadership as a Supervisory Special Agent for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. There, Rick was responsible for the implementation of the FBI’s Olympic Security Plan. He coordinated and led more than 1400 FBI employees and nearly 2800 Federal law enforcement officers, including United States Secret Service, Defense Security Service, and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Rick currently serves as an administrator with the Salt Lake City Police Civilian Review Board. Before that, he worked for five years as a police auditor for the City of Fresno, where he provided training to United States and international personnel.

Before his service as an Agent with the FBI, Rick distinguished himself as a decorated fighter pilot with the United States Air Force. Following his 1977 graduation from the United States Air Force Academy, Rick served as an F-16 Fighter Pilot, Flight Commander, Instructor Pilot, and Flight Examiner.

Rick’s commitment, coupled with his investigative insights, experience and tenacity are the hallmarks of his professionalism and reflect his renown capacity for obtaining results.